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The law firm of Cowie & Mott assists condominium associations and HOA’s with their business law matters. We are an experienced business law firm handling business negotiation, business transactions and business legal disputes of all levels of complexity in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Cowie & Mott’s community association business law practice includes providing legal advise and representation to condominium associations and HOA boards of directors on matters involving the operation and maintenance of the community.  Our business law attorneys review,  negotiate and, when necessary, draft the contractual agreements that associations enter into with vendors and professionals as part of their daily business operations.  This is an important legal responsibilty . Many association simply sign contracts presented to them without having a skilled and experienced business lawyer and contract litigator review the contract. Many contacts contain provisions that limit or even waive the liability of vendors,  professionals and other contractors for  their negligence and mistakes. Some contacts even require the association to indemnify, hold harmless and release the other contracting party in the event of litigation. Cowie & Mott’s business law attorneys understand these contractual provisions and have extensive experience litigating theses provisions before courts of law when a contractual dispute arises. We know from practical experience how contracts should be written to protect the rights of condominium and homeowners associations. Contracts should have standards of performance by which performance can be judged as well as completion dates to avoid contractual disputes or, in the event of a dispute to allow for the association to successfully pursue enforcement and breach of contract claims. The experienced business law attorneys at Cowie & Mott can assist your association in avoiding these and other contractual contractual pitfalls that hurt the association in the event of a problem with contractual performance.

When legal disputes arise involving contractual performance, tort claims, governmental action or otherwise, Cowie & Mott’s experienced community association business law attorneys act swiftly to protect and defend the rights of the community and its members. Among other things, our  business law attorneys protect the rights of condominium associations and HOA’s by collecting unpaid assessments, defending against litigation, drafting opinion letters that contain legal justification for board decisions, handling insurance claims and all other community association business law matters. Contact us to learn more about our condominium and HOA business law practice.


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